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KU 4100UL98

  • General use rating 60 – 100 A / 600VAC, refer to detailed product specifications
  • Lockable to off-position
  • Modular design
  • Switching speed is independent of the operator
  • Silver contacts ensure safe and durable operation
  • Suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering 50kA rms symmetrical, 600 Vac when protected by Class J, 60A/100A fuse.
  • Change-over switches consist of two 3- or 4-pole switches. Marked with CO.
  • Note! Auxiliary contacts 160KU1V, 160KU2V, 160KU1VAU and 160KU2VAU used with 4 pole and 8 pole KU 100-160A (IEC) and KU 60-100A (UL98) might have less than 20ms time interval between the opening of the contacts of the auxiliary switch and the contacts of the main poles.

Product details

SKU KU 4100UL98
Ampere Rating (600V) 100 A
EAN 6419410203743
HP 240V 25HP
HP 480V 50HP
HP 600V 75HP
Number of Poles 4
Operation Rotary
Weight (lb/kg) 1.3 / 0.45
Wire Size (Cu Only) 8-1/0 AWG

Dimensional drawing

Product diagram