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Katko Changes Gradually to More Ecological Marking Technology

Katko starts to utilize laser-marking fully in KEM- and KUM-products. This technology doesn’t contain colors like the previous tampo printing. Laser-marking is always utmost durable – it doesn’t bleach or deteriorate. This technique has already been widely used, but now it will appear gradually on all covers of KEM- and KUM-products.   This process is…

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KATKO Oy Appoints a New CEO

KATKO Oy’s board of directors have appointed Markus Hyryläinen as the new CEO. The new CEO will take on the responsibility as of 1st of May 2020, in accordance with the succession plans of the company. Markus holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and has worked in various positions…

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Products Resembling Katko Oy’s Products Circulating in the Market

There have been instances where products resembling Katko Oy’s isolators / safety switches / Enclosed load break switches have been found circulating in the market in Europe.   We have been contacted by worried customers and partners about isolators / safety switches / enclosed load break switches that have a significant resemblance to our original…

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KATKO’s terminal series updated. Class A terminals available from 1.5 mm² to 300 mm².

KATKO’s terminals for aluminium and copper cables covers now terminals up to 300 mm2. 1.5-16 mm2 has also been updated and the whole range has been tested and certified according to EN 61238-1 Class A. Terminals also conform to EN 60947-7-1.   Class A terminals are suitable for equipment and general use as feed-in terminals…

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KATKO Oy has moved

KATKO Oy has moved Katko Oy has moved to new premises on 18.11.2019. The new premises are located in Konala industrial area in Helsinki, close to the old Vantaa factory. “The increased capacity in the new premises allow us to better respond to our growing customer demand. Also, it was important for us as an…

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Katko’s change-over switches – with or without an enclosure, 16-160 A & 630-800 A

Change-over switches, or transfer switches, are used when power source needs to be transferred, for example for the duration of maintenance work. The advantage of a change-over switch is that the user can easily switch the source of power. The mechanism of the switch makes sure that when main power is switched off, the alternative…

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Are Residential Solar Power Systems 100% Safe?

Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) are used side-by-side nowadays and both have attributes that make them valuable for certain situations. Nevertheless, modern history of electricity started with an existential war (the war of the currents) between AC and DC, with parties of each side trying to discredit one another. AC’s superiority of transmission…

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Available for download: Katko roll-ups and posters in PDF format

You can now download print-ready material for Katko branded roll-ups and posters from our download section.   Posters come in two variants, with large logo and slogan, or with small logo. Material is suitable for at least 1000×1000 mm print. Download posters with large logo >> Download posters with small logo >>   Roll-up dimensions…

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Katko’s Installation Guides for 16 – 80 A KEM Switches and 16 – 25 A KSM Switches

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million words. That’s why we have produced educational videos with a purpose of showing how our safety switches and isolators are installed.   KSM 16-25A   KEM 16-40A   KEM 63-80A

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New Load Break Switch, KU 630 & 800A, and a new DC switch PV 4400

KATKO launched a new KU 630 & 800 A load break switch for demanding industrial applications. This new switch is made of 100% recyclable thermoplastic material. It is available with 3, 4, 6 or 8 poles and as a change-over switch. The switch is rated 800 A & 630 A at 690V, and 400 A…

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