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Sähkö Valo Tele Av Middle East Electricity Hannover Messe
2.-4.2.2022 7.-9.3.2022 25.-29.4.2022
Jyväskylä, Finland Dubai, UAE Hannover, Germany
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Cannes 2021 Corporate Media & TV Awards

  Katko’s LoadSafe video series has been awarded with Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards Silver Dolphin trophy. This is a second time Katko’s commercial film has been awarded with this trophy. Congratulations and thanks to Close-up Filmituotanto for producing and filming the series!   Visit our YouTube channel to see all the films in…

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New Polycarbonate and ABS Enclosure for Isolators and Safety Switches

We are introducing a new upgraded enclosure for our safety switch and isolator segments. This enclosure will be available in KEM and KEM EMC 100 – 125 A range as standard, and other ranges on request. This enclosure will replace U4 enclosure in the middle of November 2021 and will be named M4. Features: 270x190x100…

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KATKO LoadSafe 3/3 – Easy to Install

We are excited to introduce you the last part of Katko’s LoadSafe video series. KATKO LoadSafe range has been designed with the installer in mind. Cables are easy to connect with the help of a wide selection of cable connectors and modular design enables the configuration of module order to better suit unique situations. KATKO…

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Jukka Hyryläinen has been awarded for his work with Katko

The Finland Chamber of Commerce has awarded Katko’s Chairman of the Board Jukka Hyryläinen with a Medal for Extraordinary Achievement for his determined and successful work for Katko Oy. The medal has been awarded for his work in developing Katko to a profitable and thriving international business and for his significant contribution to Finnish business…

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KATKO LoadSafe 2/3 – Tested for performance

We are excited to introduce you the second part of Katko’s LoadSafe video series. In this film we are showcasing the testing process of LoadSafe switches.     LoadSafe series from 200 to 800 amps has been tested and certified by VDE in Berlin according DIN EN 60947-3 (VDE 0660 Teil 107):2017-02; EN 60947-3:2009/A1:2012/A2:2015. The…

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KATKO LoadSafe KU series wins Red Dot (2021) award for outstanding industrial product design

KATKO’s LoadSafe KU line (200-800A) of reliable industrial switches has been awarded Red Dot (2021) Product Design award. These switches were designed to be ecological while being robust and suitable for demanding industrial use. The video below demonstrates the manufacturing and design of LoadSafe range. “The KU Load Break Switch series is made of fully…

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KATKO LoadSafe

We are excited to introduce you a new range of switches. KU 315-400 A and KU 200-250 A load break switches and change-overs have been added to the LoadSafe family. With these switches KATKO LoadSafe range now covers switches from 16 to 800 amps. With the launch of new switches we are releasing the first…

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KATKO ConnectSafe Commercial Part 2

 Introducing Katko ConnectSafe Commercial part 2! Katko’s Production team set up the setting for the commercial film of ConnectSafe terminal block. We have also updated our ConnectSafe Terminal Block & Connector Catalogue: Check it out here >>

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Tensile Strength Test With ConnectSafe Terminal Block

   Introducing Katko ConnectSafe Commercial! Please take a moment to enjoy calm Finnish winter landscape in our latest film of ConnectSafe Terminal Blocks. We have also updated our ConnectSafe Terminal Block & Connector Catalogue: Check it out here >>

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New Katko Product Group Brands

We are excited to introduce to you a family of product group specific brands to our existing and up-coming product groups for our domestic and international markets. In an attempt to make our product offering more approachable and easier to understand, we have divided our product offering to 5 different product groups, distinctive from each…

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