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KATKO ConnectSafe Commercial Part 2

 Introducing Katko ConnectSafe Commercial part 2! Katko’s Production team set up the setting for the commercial film of ConnectSafe terminal block. We have also updated our ConnectSafe Terminal Block & Connector Catalogue: Check it out here >>

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Tensile Strength Test With ConnectSafe Terminal Block

   Introducing Katko ConnectSafe Commercial! Please take a moment to enjoy calm Finnish winter landscape in our latest film of ConnectSafe Terminal Blocks. We have also updated our ConnectSafe Terminal Block & Connector Catalogue: Check it out here >>

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New Katko Product Group Brands

We are excited to introduce to you a family of product group specific brands to our existing and up-coming product groups for our domestic and international markets. In an attempt to make our product offering more approachable and easier to understand, we have divided our product offering to 5 different product groups, distinctive from each…

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Katko Appoints Cuthbert Stewart Ltd as Master Distributor in New Zealand

We are extremely excited to announce that KATKO have appointed Cuthbert Stewart Limited – CSL as Master Distributor for KATKO switches and switching solutions in New Zealand. KATKO products have been installed in dairy factories and industrial sites across New Zealand for three decades and they have stood the test of time with great success.…

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Changes to Grey ABS Plastic – KATKO is Taking Further Steps in Reducing its Carbon Footprint

Katko starts to use a new ABS plastic in it’s grey-colored ABS isolator enclosures. The change will affect grey U2 and U3 ABS enclosures. New grey ABS is a recycled plastic and will be slightly darker in shade compared to old material – making it easier to distinguish from the enclosures’ PC counterparts. It is…

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KATKO Appoints APS Industrial Sole Distributor in Australia

Since the late 1980’s KATKO has supplied Australian industry with switching products under the NHP brand. In the last 30 years hundreds of thousands of these products have been installed in various sectors of Australian industry and they have stood the test of time, with great success. In our next chapter those same products will…

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KATKO supports Aalto University’s new professorship in ownership

Katko has donated a substantial sum to Aalto University. The donation supports establishment of Aalto’s unique professorship in ownership.   Katko, a privately owned family company, recognizes the impact of dedicated and educated ownership in the success of companies. The professorship will be established with donations from companies, organizations and individuals, and it will be…

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KATKO and sailor Nooa Laukkanen have signed a 4-year sponsorship agreement

KATKO supports the Laser Standard Olympic class sailor Nooa Laukkanen to pursuit his goal to participate and position in the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.   “Nooa has been successful in Youth European and World Championships. However, to enjoy success in the Olympic Games requires commitment and hard work. We have teamed up with Nooa,…

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Katko Changes Gradually to More Ecological Marking Technology

Katko starts to utilize laser-marking fully in KEM- and KUM-products. This technology doesn’t contain colors like the previous tampo printing. Laser-marking is always utmost durable – it doesn’t bleach or deteriorate. This technique has already been widely used, but now it will appear gradually on all covers of KEM- and KUM-products.   This process is…

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KATKO Oy Appoints a New CEO

KATKO Oy’s board of directors have appointed Markus Hyryläinen as the new CEO. The new CEO will take on the responsibility as of 1st of May 2020, in accordance with the succession plans of the company. Markus holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and has worked in various positions…

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