Katalogi produktów, broszury, ulotki, certyfikaty i inne.

Catalogues and brochures

KATKO Katalog wyrobów KATKO Safety Switch brochure KATKO LoadSafe Catalogue - Load Break and Change-Over Switches KATKO ConnectSafe Catalogue - Terminal Blocks and Cable Connectors KATKO ConnectSafe Obudowy Instalacyjne

Certificates and Declarations of Compliance

Certificate of membership of WEE and SELT compliance schemes Marine and Offshore Lloyd's Register Type Approval Certificate ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management Standard EAC - The Eurasian Conformity ATEX - Directive 2014/34/EU RoHS and REACH Compliance Manufacturers declaration of Conflict minerals CE & UKCA Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity - Switches CCC Self-Declaration Announcement KATKO Health & Safety Policy KATKO Environmental Policy Manufacturers declaration of Conformity - Terminals Manufacturers declaration of Conformity - Switches

UL Certificates of Compliance

Manual motor controllers Terminal Blocks UL 1059 UL98 switches, enclosed UL98 switches, open type Wire connectors

Technical Datasheets

Terminal Blocks and Connectors - Maximum number of conductors per cross section (mm2) Enclosed Switches IP and NEMA classes Load Break Switches Switch Fuses Switches and Applications


KATKO A5 leaflet - KSM Side-operated switches KATKO A5 leaflet - FR3 Firerated aluminium switches KATKO A5 leaflet - KEM Polycarbonate switches KATKO A5 leaflet - IP69K switches KATKO A5 leaflet - KER R & RS Stainless steel switches KATKO A5 leaflet - KER R & RS UL enclosed disconnectors KATKO A5 leaflet - KU UL98 disconnectors KATKO A5 leaflet - EMC switches KATKO A5 leaflet - KU 160A Load break switches KATKO A5 leaflet - KU800 load break switches KATKO A5 leaflet - Terminal blocks

Print-ready marketing material

KATKO branded posters, 1000x1000 mm KATKO branded posters, 1000x1000 mm, small logo KATKO roll-ups

KATKO logos

KATKO logos