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UL Listed KU & RT Series 16-40A

  • DIN-rail or screw mounting (KU) and door mounting (RT)
  • 3-pole and 4-pole KU-switches as standard. 1 and 2-pole on request
  • Switch technology by means of silver contacts ensures safe and durable operation
  • Compatible (KU & RT) with handles LKX50, LKX50YR, LK10 and LK10YR
  • Compatible (KU) with LXXXAD11 shafts (XXX is length of the shaft in millimetres)
  • RT version is suitable for door mounting. Integrated aluminium shaft with AD11 adapter. Handle is required for door mounting installation. When using any other handle than LKX50, LKX50YR, LK10RT or LK10RTYR you will also need a special counter nut for the handle (RT COUNTER NUT)
  • KU switch will be delivered with black direct handle. KU switches can also be used with external shaft and handle
Technical Data Accessories Handle & Shaft

Product details

Ampere Rating (600V) 30 A
EAN 6419410268858
HP 208V 5HP
HP 240V 7.5HP
HP 480V 10HP
HP 600V 15HP
Number of Poles 3
Operation Rotary
Weight (lb/kg) 0.2 / 0.09
Wire Size (Cu Only) 14-8 AWG

Dimensional drawing

Product diagram