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  • Padlocking in OFF-position prevents access to the actuator
  • Locking to ON-position available (ON)
  • Door interlock with defeat mechanism on LK10 – LK14 and LKX100 – LKX150 handles
  • Available in black or yellow/red
  • LK10: IP66
  • LK11: IP66
  • LK11 IP69K: IP67 / IP69K
  • LK12-LK14: IP65
  • LKX 100-150: IP66 NW
  • LKX50 : IP65
Shafts Compatibility

Product details

Accessory Type Handle
Description Yellow/red, 1-0-2 change-over
EAN 6419410222744
For Change-over switches: KU 16N-125N, KU 100-160 A

Dimensional drawing

Product diagram