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KER Stainless steel visual isolating 200-800 A

  • IP66; AISI 316 Enclosure types RA6AVS, RA7AVS, RA7BVS, RA10VS
  • Where hygiene and good protection against corrosion are required
  • Visual isolating: visual status indication window in enclosure
  • Padlockable with three locks
  • Door interlock with defeat mechanism
  • Tested according to IEC 60947-3
  • 6 and 8-pole versions available
  • Note! Al-cables cannot be connected directly to switch terminals. For Al-cable connection please use a bi-metal cable connector, available here.

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Product details

AC-21 400/415 V (A) 160 A
AC-21 690 V (A) 160 A
AC-22 400/415 V (A) 160 A
AC-22 690 V (A) 160 A
AC-23 400/415 V (A/kW) 160 A / 90 kW
AC-23 690 V (A/kW) 160 A / 132 kW
Color Standard
EAN 6419410266236
Enclosure RA6AVS
Enclosure Type Stainless Steel with visual indication
Number of Poles 4
Operation Front-operated
Switch type Load Break Switch

Dimensional drawing

Product diagram