KVKE rozłączniki bezpiecznikowe 20-630A

  • 20-32 A:
  • 10×38 & BS fuse versions
  • DIN rail and screw base mounting as standard
  • Available as 3-pole and 4-pole version, 1-pole and 2-pole versions on request
  • Handle LK10 and shaft L=180 mm included, suitable for 250 mm deep panel boards
  • Fuse covers included
  • Black or yellow/red handle, add Y/R to description
  • 63-630 A:
  • DIN & BS fuse versions
  • Four breaking points per phase
  • Connecting silver rivets have a silver alloy 350 um thick, thus ensuring a long life expectancy and safe use in demanding conditions
  • Compact size saves space
  • Modular structure enables position of drive mechanism to be varied, mention when ordering
  • Available as 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-pole (200-630 A also 6-pole)
  • Black or yellow/red handle (add Y/R to description)
  • Auxiliary contacts are easy to install
  • Fuse covers included, terminal covers as accessory
  • 63-160 A includes handle LK12 and shaft L=220
  • 200-630 A includes handle LK14 and shaft LVK=228

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