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KU 4125CO

  • Modular design
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • 3-pole and 4-pole KU-switches as standard
  • Change-over switches: CO included in type name
  • 6-pole and 8-pole versions consist of two 3-pole or 4-pole KU-switches connected by a parallel kit
  • Switch technology by means of silver contacts ensures safe and durable operation
  • Compatible with handles LK10 and LK11 (3 and 4 poles) and LK12 (6 and 8 poles) and LK12CO102 (change-over switch)
  • Shafts L=100/200/300 AD11 and L=100/200/300 AD11/VT (3 and 4 poles), L=100/200/300 AD12/VT (6 and 8 poles and change-over switch)
  • Note! Al-cables cannot be connected directly to switch terminals. For Al-cable connection please use a bi-metal cable connector, available here.
  • Note! Auxiliary contacts 160KU1V, 160KU2V, 160KU1VAU and 160KU2VAU used with 4 pole and 8 pole KU 100-160A (IEC) and KU 60-100A (UL98) might have less than 20ms time interval between the opening of the contacts of the auxiliary switch and the contacts of the main poles.
Technical Data Accessories Handle & Shaft

Szczegóły produktu

AC-22 400/415 V (A) 125 A
AC-22 690 V (A) 125 A
AC-23 400/415 V (A/kW) 125 A / 55 kW
AC-23 690 V (A/kW) 80 A / 75 kW
E-numer 3600812
EAN 6419410203620
Liczba Pól 4
Operation Rotary
Rozmiar przewodu (Cu) (mm2) / Rozmiar śruby 6-70
Typ rozłącznika Change-over Switch
Waga (kg) 1,18


Product diagram