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KU 360UL98

KU rozłaczniki 60-100A cerytyfikowane UL98

  • General use rating 60 – 100 A / 600VAC, refer to detailed product specifications
  • Lockable to off-position
  • Modular design
  • Switching speed is independent of the operator
  • Silver contacts ensure safe and durable operation
  • Suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering 50kA rms symmetrical, 600 Vac when protected by Class J, 60A/100A fuse.
  • Change-over switches consist of two 3- or 4-pole switches. Marked with CO.

Szczegóły produktu

SKU KU 360UL98
EAN 6419410203712
HP 240V 20HP
HP 480V 40HP
HP 600V 60HP
Liczba Pól 3
Operation Rotary
Prąd znamionowy (600V) 60 A
Rozmiar przewodu (Tylko Cu) 8-1/0 AWG
Waga (lb/kg) 0,99 / 0,45


Product diagram