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KU 3315CO LVK228LKX150


  • Made of 100% recyclable materials
  • With test mode function
  • Reliable switch for demanding industrial applications
  • Change-over switches: ‘CO’ included in type name
  • Change-over switches with direct handle: ‘CO SV’ included in type name
  • Change-over switches are always delivered with bridging bars
  • Types without ‘SV’: Delivered with separate handle (LKX 150) and shaft (LVK=228)
  • Available with yellow/red handle (LKX 150 Y/R) and a shaft of different length (100mm-500mm) on demand
  • Types with ‘SV’: delivered with direct handle
  • 400 A switch: AC-23 1000V 200 A
  • Icw 690V (1s) 13,5kA
  • R.M.S value 100 kA
  • Auxiliary contacts available (1.V160KU or 2.V160KU), up to 8 NC + 8 NO
  • Terminal covers (LS400H and LS400F) and phase barriers (VS400) available

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Szczegóły produktu

SKU KU 3315CO LVK228LKX150
AC-21 400/415 V (A) 315 A
AC-21 690 V (A) 315 A
AC-22 400/415 V (A) 315 A
AC-22 690 V (A) 315 A
AC-23 400/415 V (A/kW) 315 A / 160 kW
AC-23 690 V (A/kW) 315 A / 315 kW
E-numer 3602931
EAN 6419410300244
Liczba Pól 3
Operation Front-operated
Rozmiar przewodu (Cu) (mm2) / Rozmiar śruby M10
Typ rozłącznika Change-over Switch
Waga (kg) 5,364


Product diagram