KATKO’s product types will be reformed – starting on 14.2.2022

We will publish new product types on our website on 14.2.2022. Product types will be reformed and they will be more detailed and generally longer. Types will tell important information about enclosure material, size and possible accessories. EMC and EX, as well as firerated switches, are easily recognizable from the product type.


Below, examples of our popular KEM 316U switch and it’s EMC counterpart.


Product code- Old type – New type
32766 – KEM 316U – KEM 316 M2
32920 – KEM 316U/EMC – KEM 316 M2EMC 2XM25MEMC


More examples of new types are available here.


Product type length will grow but at the same time it will offer more information. In both cases enclosure type “M2” will appear on the type. On EMC type the cable glands are also visible in the type. 2XM25MEMC means that this particular product will we delivered with two M25 metal EMC cable glands.

We published earlier a new load break switch range from 200A to 800A. These product belong to the KU series. As a natural continuum we will next retire our VKE series starting on 1.4.2022. Manufacturing of VKE switches will end and will be available only when switching to KU series is not possible.

If you have any question, our professional sales team is ready to help you. You will find contact information from this link.