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KEM Polycarbonate 10-630A
KEM ABS 10-80A
EMC switches 10-630A
KET Sheet steel 16-1600A
KEA Aluminium 16-250A
KER Stainless steel 16-1600A
KER RS/R Stainless steel 16-160A
KEA Firerated aluminium 16-200A
KSM Side operated polycarbonate switches 16A & 25A
Side operated polycarbonate switches 16-40A
Side operated aluminium switches 16-40A
ATEX Switches 16-160A
Change-over switches 16-160A
TKM Motor control switches 16-40A
Bypass switch for frequency inverter 16-63A
Enclosed Switch Fuses 16-630A
KU Rotary switches 16-125A
VKA Rotary load break switches 125-250A
KUE Toggle Switches 16-125A
EVA Toggle switches 125-250A
VKE Modular Switches 125-630A
KKV Switch fuses 16-32A
KVKE Switch Fuses 20-630A
Photovoltaics / DC Enclosed Switches
Photovoltaics / DC Load break switches
PVA/PVM Photovoltaics / DC Enclosed Switches
PV Photovoltaics / DC Load break switches
Auxiliary Contacts
Change-over kits
Terminal Covers
Door Mounting Kits
Front Plates for KU and VKA
Parallel Kits
UL Listed Polycarbonate Enclosed Manual Motor Controllers 16-150A
UL-Listed Sheet Steel Enclosed Manual Motor Controllers 16-150A
UL Listed Aluminium Enclosed Manual Motor Controllers 16-125A
UL Listed Stainless Steel Enclosed Manual Motor Controllers 25-125A
UL Listed KU Series 16-80A
UL Listed VKA Series 80-150A
UL Listed KUE Series 16-80A
UL Listed EVA Series 80-150A
UL Listed KKV Switch Fuses 32A
UL Listed Handles
UL Listed Shafts
UL Listed Auxiliary Contacts
UL Listed Front Plates
UL Listed Door Mounting Kits
Terminal Blocks
Cable Connectors
Metric Cable Glands - Plastic
Metric Cable Glands - Metal