KATKO switches installed to a solar plant at a new Onninen Mega Express -store

Onninen has opened a new Mega Express -store in Vantaa, Finland. It serves building technology professionals with wide selection of products as well as adept sales personnel. Nevertheless, all of the needed electricity doesn’t have to be acquired from electric grid.


This new real estate was built according to latest regulations and trends and therefore an approximately 100kW solar plant was installed on the roof of it.

“As early as in May these solar panels are producing occasionally more electricity than the building consumes. Therefore some of it is already being sold,” says Matti Savolainen, sourcing director of electrical materials at Onninen, while introducing the plant few days before the opening of the store.


The solar plant consists of 390 panels which are connected to form 15 groups. Each group is protected, and when needed isolated, by KATKO’s PVM 216 DC -switch. Thus maintenance and possible malfunctions can be taken care of safely without interruptions to production.

“At the same time we can test those technical solutions we also offer to our customers,” Savolainen adds.


All the panel groups can be isolated separately


The solar plant is estimated to produce 85-90 000 kWh annually. During daytime from March to September the plant is set to produce all the needed electricity. In the most bright days some of it is even sold to the grid. Although at wintertime and nights there is naturally need for procured electricity.

“This is an excellent example of a functional and safe solar plant solution at Finland’s latitude. This confirms that our DC -switches, which are already very popular around the world are also highly compatible for domestic applications,” says KATKO’s CEO Jukka Hyryläinen joyfully.


Matti Savolainen and Jukka Hyryläinen


Onninen offers KATKO’s DC -switch selection to all customers with short and certain delivery times since they are stock products.